enable to performs full
color powder-based

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3D Software

FCP-300 has two versions, one for single color another for full color. Due to intuitive designed graphic user interface the only thing that end-user have to do is to load your target image into the software and press "Print" button. Your perfect 3D object will be available momentarily.

What magic powers does "FCP-300" have?

After we own FCP-300, everything is so simple on 3D printing and life becomes beautiful again.
1. We do not have to worry about what position the object should be placed on. Success rate can be achieved
significantly higher than before.
2. We can take support structures out of our minds and totally forget about their positioning, density etc. The most
important thing is that we do not need a whole bunches of tool kits to take away support structures.
3. No matter how complex 3D objects are, we can use FCP-300 to make it happen with little effort.
4. OMG! Finally we are able to have 3D printout(s) with full color capacity. Product(s) can be applied to:
a. General single-colored 3D object for engineering purpose
b. Full color on bas-relief
c. It also can be used as molding through mixing powder from metal material into gypsum or casting it into
copper and aluminum alloys
d. A wide range of colored 3D objects


FCP-300 is based on powder technology ( Powder Deposition Modeling ) enable to performs full color powder-based technology, it is real full color CMYK 3D printer in the market and ideal to apply for commercial products, architecture, consumer products, education, entertainment, and food industry.



For Win 7/ 8 / 8.1


Green Version



FCP-300 color correction comparison :





Media Report

Nozzle resolution 9600 * 2400 dpi
Colour CMYK
Minimum Feature Size 0.003 inches (0.08 mm)
Layer Thickness 0.003~0.08 inches
(0.08~0.2 mm)
Build Speed (Max) 0.2-0.4 inch / hour
(5 - 10 mm / hour)
Net Build Volume (xyz) 11.8 x 11.5 x 5.5 inches
(300 x 292 x 140 mm³)
Number of Jets 4608
Number of Printhead 1
Input Data File
Formats Supported
could be translated)
Client Operating
Windows® 7 SP1 64 bit
Windows® 8 64 bit Support AMD
Temperature Range
59 - 80 °F (15 - 27 °C)
Humidity Range

20-55% - non-cond.
Dimensions (W * D * H)
3D Printer Uncrated

39.4 x 31.5 x 66.9 inches
(100 x 80 x 170 cm³ )
3D Printer Uncrated
551 lbs (250 kg)
Electrical 90-100, 8A
110-120, 6A
200-240, 4A
Core Recovery
Vacuum (open)
Fine Decoring

50 dB
60 dB
Price (USD) Much Better
Certificates CE.FCC