DLP 3D Printer

High Resolution Customized Production.Easy to Remove Support Constructure.


DLP 3D Printer,Customized Production,High Resolution,A Lifetime Warranty

Five Characteristics of DLP 3D printer

Customized Production


Provide customized production, from mini desktop to max industrial printer,available according to your requirements

High Resolution

Incredible printing details, high resolution printing quality, satisfied with your different size requirements

Affordable Price


Multi type, multi resolution, multi size to choose, depending on your needs, to customize one best value DLP 3D printer

High Speed,High Quality


High speed with high output quality to make your work more effectively, less waiting time.

A Lifetime Warranty


Don't worry about future maintain, and we promise a lifetime warranty.


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People who need to use:


With the high resolution and easily removable supports, this is a jewelry maker's dream come true. Our castable resin makes it easy and affordable to start creating your jewelry with D series.


From your digital design to analog model in one simple step, forget those molds and waxes.


Low cost with high value, perfect resolution to medical bone model.


Only some simple steps to make your unique creations to become true.

Free Makers:

Any 3D objects you can imagine, ,only one simple step to make.


Save money with high value when constructing mock-ups by printing your own reference plants and human figures in full detail, instead of the old complicated process.


Improve students' practical ability, learn and master the knowledge of 3D high technology.

Mechanical Designers:

After designing, you can use DLP 3D printer to get the best true model immediately.

Other Application:

Braille, Character Designers, Fashion and Accessory Designers, Toy makers....

Print Showcase:






Electronic Technology





Biomedical Technology




Printing Skill:


Build Volume:

* 60 X 100 X 100 mm (D50)
* 85 X 150 X 180 mm (D150)
* 151 X 268 X 180 mm (D100)
* 100 X 190 X 300 mm (D300)

Layer Thickness:

10 um (Min)

Layer Resolution:

0.015 mm ( 1200 dpi )

Build Speed:

4-8 secs / layer 3.6 cm hour (100 micron )

Remove Platform System Angle:

30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 180°, Lasting time 0.5 ~ 10 secs

Z-Axis Mechanical:

* Accuracy ± 5 um
* Remove platform back and forth
 Levelness ± 0.5°
* SLA sources XYZ axis adjustable  levelness ± 0.1 mm

Aluminum molding slot platform x 2

Optional I、Automatic manual ink system mode switch
Optional II、LCM control panel

Product Size:
78 cm (L) x 55 cm (W) x 138 cm (H)
Shipment Size: 83 cm x 65 cm x 150 cm / 100 kg

Power Requirements:

High Torque: 350 W, 36 VDC / 9.72A


AC Input:


File Types: .stl , .obj, .amf, .3ds
OS Supports:
* DLP Material - SFT13 Wax Resin
* DLP Material - SMJ01 Hardness Resin 75D Hardness
* DLP Material - SFT12 Casting Resin 75D / 225° High
        Temperature Resin
* DLP Material - SS03 Softness Resin
* DLP Material - ST02 Test Standard Resin
* DLP Material - Releasing Resin









Printing Materials: