Sky-Tech Taiwan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, she has been leading for intelligence system technology research and development and creative innovation is company goal.

In order to bring the best service to customer, we did the best jobs on 3D printing technology, design, development, manufacturing, so that customers may have the best price and quality of 3D printer and by means of team’s co-working improves on product quality and even if applied several patents of 3D printing technology.

We own filed dominate know-how of 3D printing technology of FFF, SLA, SLS, DLP, material Jetting and binder Jetting, and continue developing on new 3D technology, such as editable 3D printing, metal sintering and biomedical 3D printing technology, since continuous developing for new 3D technology, so we are able to offer products not only at competitive price but also high performance and quality.

Sky-Tech 3D printer products have been shipped to more than 50 countries, and the brand image and channel is establishing gradually at the countries of US, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Central and South America and some rest of world, and our moving forward motivation is driven by customer’s none-stop supporting and encouragement.

At the start-up stage there only two engineers working at Sky-Tech and 25 engineers has been deployed on project integration until now. Particular for 3D PDM color printer product developing and integrating, there are not only academic experts but also Sky-Tech engineers involved of software, hardware, mechanical developing and total of man and experience is more than 100 years.

Sky-Tech vision is makes life simple and wisdom, so our product user can use our product for performing new idea in timely , better quality design, but also can printed out what you see what you print, so that to win the order and satisfy the customers you are working with. Sky-Tech offers wide option to customer, from front end of 3D printer of FDM, DLP, and PDM of 3D figurine and even if post processing unit of ABS of acetone vapor bath box.

Company vision

Although Sky-Tech has not established full functional sales dept., most of our customers are coming from all over the world , we have no budget for advertising and marketing, Sky-Tech is rely on innovative product idea, so customers are attracted from the world.

80% of Sky-Tech HR is occupied by engineering and we are pursuing high-tech development progress not because for earning money but can make this world more beautiful and changing people's habits, although we are not so enormous as like as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook. We believe that we will become the world's leading company through the creative innovation.

Sky-Tech development philosophy and approach is "fast", the so-called the fast martial arts is not broken, we believe in striving fast, stable and healthy basis for wining and dominate the market share. By means of media platform that we can know competitors clearly and synchronizing world new technology at the same time, so we can distinguish from the market and to be competitive.

As a truly original technology research and development company, we expect all sectors and partners work closely together, in good faith and mutual respect for the bottom line, to carry forward the spirit of the first in the world for a better future.

As an industry leader, to be continued to improve in 3D technology, dominate the 3D printing technology and dedicated to be well known 3D printing brand product company. We have always believed in the equality of everyone in front of technology, no matter how well packaged, false and backward things will eventually be eliminated by history.