3DPandoras EraHigh-precision color scanner

Built-in dual lens can choose two different scanning range when scan.

Fast scanning speed, good color, small dot pitch , high precision


High-precision Scan

3DPandoras is one of the Era series high-level brand of 3D scanners, this product has been sold in worldwide for many years, and extending lots of different branches, also  get many international companies recognized, no matter in the aerospace, automotive, high-precision molds, robot industry, precision industry, medicine, electronics, There are large customers has base demands of the 3D scanning accuracy, the highest-precision of scan objects are possible to 0.01mm.

Era series products was divided into three categories:

Era-Eco:The product owns a high-precision camera lens of 1.3-mega pixels, It can scan accuracy monochrome object, and has large scan range with more vision, based on different scanned object, adjust to proper accuracy and distance, pretty fitting for just getting started with high-precision scanning and color scanning users.

Era-Pro: The product has 200 megapixel high-order lens, and can choose between two different scanning range, regardless of your objects is big or small precision items, this product has all your needs. Especially in color scanning function, it was perfect, so you can easily complete the digital scanning process.

Era-Prime: Era-Prime is king of the high-precision scanner of present market, it has 3.1 million phase pigment scan capability, and a choice of two different scanning range, the user demand for high-precision, provide a complete solution, and has two different perspectives, so you can base on demand to adjust various scan size, scan speed, good color, small pitch and high precision, pursuit digital product as the highest requirements, an indispensable tool.


 through the turntable, complete and combine our systems, it is smoother operation, but also easy to complete
Objects are automatically aligned, nested object point, high-speed multi-object or image merging, noise point filtering, Point Clear and model optimization and other functions, and special processing features for polygonal surfaces, such as

Automatically eliminate errors scan point, noise points, smoothing, vector filtering, automatic optimization model face, automatically fill broken surface or plane from parameter settings polygonal model to eliminate higher-order functions, etc.

3DPandoras Scanner

Lens pixels

Number of lens / color scan mode

A/B lens:(Inner to External Field/
Point Spacing(um)

Product Weight


1.3 million pixels

Single / Black










2 million pixels


A: 150*115*150 to 300*240*300/
PS(um):93 to 187

B: 170*130*170 to 340*255*340/
PS(um):110 to 212



3.1 million pixels


A: 180*135*180 to 340*255*340/
PS(um):87 to 167

B: 180*135*180 to 340*255*340/ PS(um):87 to 167


Dimensions: 540 * 255 * 130

Source: LED light source, the life of 50,000 hours

Scanning software: 3DPandoras Scan Pro

3D output file formats: STL (monochrome), OBJ (color), PLY (color), IGES- sections / planes

Optional accessories: turntable, suitcases, calibration module, dedicated scanning computer (with genuine operating systems and operating software)

Industry and actual case studies
Automotive industry

Car Roof Appearance Scan

scanning process Film

Car roof scanning operation (Click here)

Scanning operation film

Car roof computer scanning operation (Click here)

3D object preview

In different perspective to see car roof (Click here)

Electronics Industry Applications

Cell Phone Appearance Scan

scanning process Film

Cell phone scanning operation (Click here)

Scanning operation film

Cell phone computer scanning operation (Click here)

3D object preview

In different perspective to see cell phone (Click here)