Drawing Magically With Dual Color
in Your Creation

What is the SKYPEN DUAL?

Ever since we were little, we have been writing and drawing in a two dimensional world. It doesn't get any commoner than it. However, now SKYPEN DUAL is going to bring a brand new era which writing and drawing in our imagination can exist in the air to us. This technology enables us to step into a novel three dimensional (3D) world which ultimately makes our creativity and innovation rejuvenated.



How does it work?

SKYPEN DUAL works on the technology by using “Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene” (ABS) or “Polylactic Acid” (PLA) material which flows from pen nib when heated through in small built motor and then turns into solid form as soon as it comes in contact with the air with room temperature so it enables the users to draw in three dimensional (3D) space. This is the process of inserting filament.

Additionally, we are not confined to a single color. With SKYPEN DUAL, we can own two colors at the same time in the pen. It is easy to switch colors by pressing the buttons on the pen. In addition, users can make filament come out from the pen nib continually by pressing the input button for 3 seconds. On the other hand, press the output button for 3 seconds and filament will come out continually from the hole on the top of SKYPEN DUAL. It is well established for its simple operation and powerful functions in order to let users use the pen more effectively. It is different from ordinary 3D pens.

Product Features

SKYPEN DUAL is the only 3D pen with dual color switching function in the world. It is portable that both children and adults can hold and use it. It is not like a 3D printer that requires a user with ability of drawing objects and adjusting printer setup. SKYPEN DUAL only requires you to press a button on the pen then you can start to work. With SKYPEN DUAL, there is vast number of possibilities of creating different objects and you can take your imaginations as far as possible.

When you are printing some special objects, you have to re-set up support structures that may waste your lots of time to remove them. Therefore, our SKYPEN DUAL designers heard your need and innovated a tool head kit attached to SKYPEN DUAL that can solve this 3D printing issue of removing support structures. You just need to plug this kit into the SKYPEN DUAL, turn the power on and press the button. It will only take you a few minutes to remove the support structures.

That is not all. This tool head kit also enables you to repair the broken holes on your 3D printed works. If you have used 3D printers, it must annoy you sometimes there are a few broken holes in the printed works and you have to wait more than a day to re-print out. Besides, re-printing spends lots of money and time. However, with SKYPEN DUAL, it provides you with a more effective way to repair the broken holes on printed works instead of re-printing again and again.

Additionally, SKYPEN DUAL has a heat-protected head which protects the user from injury. The pen nib which material will flow out is also in the inside of the heat-protected head. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about safety issues. It is safe for user.

Who need to use SKYPEN DUAL?

Not only for technology enthusiasts, but also for 3D designers, free creators, makers, architects, engineers, designers, artists, painters, sculptors and etc.



What designs need SKYPEN DUAL?

Many designs needs SKYPEN DUAL, including clothing accessories, shoe accessories, rings, necklaces, cups, clothes hangers, small toys, flowers ,trees and small parts, SKYPEN DUAL also can help removal of 3D printing support structure and 3D printing object repair.

In order to show you the magic power of SKYPEN DUAL, we also designed several works through SKYPEN DUAL.

If you want a well-designed vase, you can draw one by yourself with SKYPEN DUAL.

Why don't we make a unique decoration to hang our ornaments? 

Do you lack for a soap case in your bathroom? Let's make one with SKYPEN DUAL now!

Need a new pen container? Just take a few minutes to make one.

Run out of clothes hangers?

Do you want to decorate your Barbie girl with different and beautiful clothes? Come and make one! 
Just plug the charger to draw them with SKYPEN DUAL. You can draw all of the new jewelry and clothes for her in your creation.

Do you think buying clothes for your Barbie doll is wasting of money but tedious? Come on and let's plug charger to draw by ourselves with SKYPEN DUAL. It will show your love to your Barbie doll. You can draw all of the new jewelry and clothes.

With SKYPEN DUAL, our creativity never die. There is vast number of possibilities of creating different objects and we can take our imaginations as far as possible.

Let’s draw our life and future much brighter and colorful by magical SKYPEN DUAL 3D Pen!